​ What is NJHS?

NJHS is a co-curricular activity that actively supports the educational goals of the school and the community. We are part of a national recognition program found in every state in the U.S. and schools in more than 70 other countries that strive to help out our communities in every way possible. The MULHOLLAND Chapter provides members an opportunity to become involved in significant learning experiences, especially in service. Nationally, NJHS is a program with guidelines linked with meaningful local input opportunities to reflect local educational standards.
Students are eligible for membership at the beginning of their seventh or eighth-grade year and the second semester of sixth grade. If qualified, notified candidates will join through Google and submit a Candidate Information Form and a formal letter to the Faculty Committee to be considered for membership. Current members are expected to maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0, participate in all meetings, attend group service activities, and complete 10 hours of individual community service each year.
Our chapter aims to create opportunities for Mulholland students to grow in the five areas of leadership, service, citizenship, scholarship, and character. We are a student leadership group, and our members strive to be the best models of these areas to their peers.