English Learners


MMS BEST reclassification Rate School

Contact Information for EL Designee:
Ms. Noemi Flores
(818) 609-2500 ext. 21339
Room 39B
EL School Vision Statement:  At Mulholland Middle School, we value our students' cultural assets and use them as their learning foundations to help them grow, improve and become successful learners in every content area.  We target our students' needs by providing them with appropriate class levels to acquire the necessary tools to master grade level Academic English Proficiency.
English Learners are enrolled in ELD1, English Language Development, at the beginning level when they have been in this country for one or two years.
ELD2, English Language Development at the Intermediate level is for students who have attended school in this country for 2 or 3 years.
LTEL (Long Term English Learners) is a program designed to help students acquire the Academic English Proficiency to be successful in every content area class.  Students are placed in either ELD Adv, English Language Development Advanced Class or L&L, Language and Literature class according to their scores.