New Candidate Information

Candidates are inducted into our Chapter once a year. All paperwork is due no later than NOVEMBER 30, 2021.
  1. Complete at least two of the four sections
  2. Submit document by the deadline
  3. Submit a readable copy
  • States student ability and willingness to fulfill the obligations and requirements of membership in NJHS
  • Limits the message to less than two pages
  • Submits document by the deadline
  • Submits a readable copy
  • The letter is evaluated on the following rubric by the Faculty Council: - Were all questions addressed?
  • Was a sincere effort made?
  • Was the letter insightful, purposeful, and sincere?
Any student not selected for membership, who meets all criteria again next year, may re-submit their information to be considered for membership.
To help facilitate membership eligibility, candidates will write a letter (as part of the Information Packet) expressing their interest and specific qualifications to be selected for membership. This letter must be written by the candidate (not a parent) on the form and addressed to the Faculty Council.
Candidate Information Form