Culmination Information



The Certificate of Completion and participation in the culmination activity will be determined by receiving a mark of “D” or better in eighth grade. All subject areas will be considered for eligibility. Students must earn a total of 50 credits during their 8th grade year to be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.


Consistent with our Codes of Conduct for the Magnets, Robotics Magnet students and Police Academy cadets are expected to demonstrate exceptional behavior and are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner at all times.
(page 2 of the MJPA Cadet Handbook & page 3 of the Robotics Student Handbook) 
The culmination ceremony is considered an "invitation only" event.  If you have violated any of the Codes of Conduct "consciously & consistently" then you will not be permitted to participate in the Culmination Ceremony.


A. School-site Level
1. A Culmination Appeals Committee shall be convened at the school to review appeals. At a minimum, the committee must include a counselor, a school-site administrator, and a teacher.
2. A student or parent/guardian must submit a written request to the Appeals Committee stating why the student did not meet the requirements for the certificate or for participating in the culmination activity.
3. The committee response shall be provided in writing and by telephone within three school days following the appeal.
4. If the parent/guardian does not agree with the Committee’s decision, they may appeal to the school site principal within 3 days by telephone or in writing.
5. A decision by the principal will be made within three school days following the appeal.
B. Local District Level
1. If the parent/guardian does not agree with the school’s decision, they may appeal to the Local District within three school days of receiving the school sites appeal decision.
2. The Local District decision is final and will be provided by phone and in writing within one school day following the appeal.