Visual Arts Program

General Art Classes

General Class Information:
Throughout the academic year, students will be expected to express themselves by doing their authentic best. There is never a right or wrong, only one's best effort. Students will use various art mediums, such as graphite pencil, crayon, colored pencil, ink, paint, etc. They will be presented with problems to analyze in which they will implement a multitude of workable solutions. Ultimately, they are expected to execute to their very best possible outcome, meaning, to the best of their ability. Many students enter this class believing that all art is supposed to be 'picture perfect' instead of a form of self-expression. Additionally, there will be drills, drawings, history, and vocabulary added throughout the year.
Students are expected to complete one main assignment per week with a minor assignment on Tuesdays. Homework is assigned on occasion, in addition to possibly having to take classwork home to be finished by the due date, which are usually on Thursdays. Most assignments will be given prior to the weekend because occasionally students will be expected to provide their own materials or want to use something different for their project.
Many students prefer to use their own crayons, colored pencils, and black markers because there are only a limited amount class materials. If your child wishes to provide their own crayons or colored pencils, etc., they can be stored in the classroom. Students are expected to bring a pencil with an eraser to class.